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I’m Hannah Brashers, the creator of The Culture Columns, and I am a twenty-something college student currently living in the Midwest. In addition to pursuing a double major in piano performance and literature, I enjoy grassroots organizing and local politics. I am dedicated to merging literature, music, history, and politics with current events in ways that offer my readers a unique perspective.



the vision


The primary vision of The Culture Columns is to encourage a redefinition of the word culture and to advocate for the importance of meaningful conversations. I want my readers to use The Culture Columns as a springboard for having those profound and often hard conversations with their friends, families, and coworkers about race, politics, history, and religion. I encourage you to use The Culture Columns to find book reviews, fashion inspiration, fresh perspectives on politics, insight into local culture, and candid conversations with interesting people.

We are a generation that is capable of making a tremendous impact on our world if only we have the courage to try. I want to encourage my readers to grab a cup of coffee and a friend and sit down and talk about the things that really matter. My hope is that The Culture Columns will be the starting place for the positive change that I know we are so capable of creating.

CONTACT ME: hannah.brashers@gmail.com